ResourcesNIS2 Directive: Check to see if your organisation falls under the NIS Directive

The NIS2 Directive (Directive (EU) 2022/2555) aims to enhance cybersecurity and resilience across the EU. It becomes effective on October 17, 2024, with an expanded scope covering essential entities in critical infrastructure supply chains.

ResearchHow Cybersecurity Risk Management Processes Can Evolve In The Face Of Technology And Skill Gaps:

Forrester's research reveals widespread technology and skill gaps among respondents, prompting a search for strategies to address these challenges. Check the report to learn about your peers' risk management challenges and prevent them in your organization.

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Threatscape has over a decade of experience managing cybersecurity initiatives. With an expansive clientele and the transition to remote work amplifying the number of devices on client networks, Threatscape actively protects many networks spanning hundreds of thousands of devices against the latest cybersecurity threats.

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Williams Racing

As an Official Partner of Williams Racing, Symantec is critical in protecting devices, the data center, the cloud, and the data they put in those systems.

'Instead of using and maintaining multiple products, we have integrated coverage across the entire estate. Which makes it easier to apply the same device-agnostic policies everywhere.'

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Symantec Enterprise Blog Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity:
Good or Evil?

Approaching Generative AI from a security perspective

Implications of Generative AI for Enterprise Security

Implications of Generative AI for Enterprise Security

The rise of Generative AI

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Harnessing the Power of SES Complete

Harnessing the Power of SES Complete

A step-by-step guide to harnessing the potential of SES Complete

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